Easy Sale – The Ideal Partner to Fulfill Your Marine Projects. Whether acquiring the boat of your dreams or selling your prized vessel, Easy Sale is your trusted ally on the waters of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or the Atlantic Ocean.

The Various Steps and Processes in Purchasing a Boat

Easy Sale offers its expertise to accompany you throughout your boat purchase project.

Choosing the Vessel

After clearly identifying your needs, you will easily find the vessel you require, aided by our detailed inventories or video tours. We will then arrange an on-site visit to finalize your selection.


Our agency can offer you various financing options tailored to different types of vessels: leasing or credit. Feel free to reach out to us so we can provide you with clear financing projections.

Berth Allocation

We can propose berth solutions based on your geographic location.

The Offer

Once the boat is selected, we assist you in drafting a suitable offer.

The Agreement

When the offer is accepted, we draw up a sales agreement, providing you with purchase guarantees and conditions, ensuring security and peace of mind. Conditions may vary depending on the vessels: financing, valid survey, or even berth allocation…


Once the agreement is signed, we assist you in carrying out the survey. While not mandatory, it is highly recommended as it provides an overview of the vessel’s maintenance status from a technical and impartial standpoint, which is also advantageous when obtaining insurance and planning future work.

Ownership Transfer

After the survey is validated, we proceed with the ownership transfer, ensuring beforehand that the vessel is free from debt and mortgage. In case of export or import, we provide you with flag deregistration documents and declaration from a customs broker.


Once the acquisition is completed, we are able to arrange for the delivery of the vessel to your homeport, whether through a skipper, a cargo vessel, or a road transporter.

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